Desert Ridge Home Values Benefit Homeowners

Scottsdale Realtor North Valley Team 05/18/2017

Desert Ridge home values have been moving upward since 2012 and Desert Ridge homeowners are beginning to realize how much equity they are sitting on.

Our team tracks Desert Ridge home values by following the sales of Desert Ridge homes located on the north side of the Loop 101 and south of Pinnacle Peak Road. With Cave Creek Road bordering this area on the west side and 56th Street bordering the area on the east side, our team of Desert Ridge realtors has been following monthly sales of approximately 5,700 Desert Ridge homes.

The average we track is very simple; sold price/sq-ft. Although on a monthly basis this value can be somewhat vague, we have found that on an annual basis, it is a value that has merit.

Desert Ridge Home Values Annual Breakdown

Below is a simple breakdown of a hypothetical and conservative case for a homeowner who would have purchased a home in Desert Ridge during either 2010 or 2011:

  • 2012 – approximate 8% gain in equity
  • 2013 – approximate 8% gain in equity
  • 2014 – approximate 6% gain in equity
  • 2015 – approximate 7% gain in equity
  • 2016 – approximate 3% gain in equity

On a home purchase of $300,000 during 2011, a Desert Ridge homeowner would have picked up approximately 30+% on their home making it’s approximate current market value $409,000. This doesn’t factor in the 2011 gain over 2010 pricing for those homeowners who purchased during 2010.

If you are a Desert Ridge homeowner and you’re interested in finding out the value of your Desert Ridge home, click the image link below. You’ll be taken to a very short form that will give us what we need so we can get you a detailed report of your Desert Ridge home value.

Desert Ridge home values have made very strong gains since the beginning of 2012.

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